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Flirting Online

Flirting is an art; it can be worked on, polished and perfected.

When flirting offline, we will usually say something complimentary. But online, even if there is a picture posted, it is still hard to determine exact eye color, hair color, complexion quality, etc.

You might embarrass yourself commenting on someone's physical appearance, to later find out you had the wrong color, wrong tone, wrong shade, etc.

Remember: Flirting should always stem from a genuine compliment. People can usually tell if the compliment is sincere.

If the compliment is insincere, the flirting will be awkward and off balance. If you are unsure how to turn a particular "compliment" into a "flirt"? Don't even try...

So, we are limited when it comes down to complimenting the person we are interested in online.

But, we do have "things" we can work with!

Start with studying their profile and their picture album. Maybe within their profile, they show a humorous side of themselves... (Here is where you can turn an "online" compliment into a flirt.)

Maybe they have very well groomed, obviously loved pets in their photos. ("You must be a very good person. I can tell from the way you care for your pets. I bet you would take good care of me too ...") Notice the décor in their pictures...pay close attention to their flower garden... (More compliments that can be converted into online flirting.)

Are they displaying a perfect smile in all of their pictures? (Another compliment to be converted into a flirt.)

There could be small children in the photos that seem extremely loved and cared for.

Online and off, you can never go wrong complimenting someone on their home, children or pets! And all of these compliments can easily be turned into flirting!

About Author
I have been involved in online dating since it's inception!

I personally feel the internet is the best source for meeting millions of available singles...but only if you know how. Let me share a few skills with you...

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