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How The Definition Of Marriage And Divorce Affects Children Growth

What is this thing that people are running in while others are impatient to get out of? It is a laughing matter so to speak. If you are a lady above the age of thirty and you are not married, i know you won't admit it but you must be panicking. You desperately want a husband to call your own. Your motherly nature is pushing you hard to bring fourth some offsprings. You want to watch your own flesh and blood grow. Marriage means that your children will grow in a perfect setting. The definition of marriage dictates how the children will be brought up. If the marriage is in a mess the children might miss some crucial stages and elements in their growth.

Lets imagine the children are enjoying all that is offered in a successful marriage. Parental love is in abundance and their provision is very much okay. A good marriage is defined by communication. If their is communication flow in a family, every one is happy. The children won't have to be spanked all the time. If you are keen enough you will notice that poor communication as a definition of marriage brings up spoilt brats for kids. If you make them understand what is right and wrong, they will barely want to see you upset. If you beat them up all the time they will never understand you as a parent. You are simply instilling fear in them

While the definition of marriage is well-raised children, the definition of divorce is suffering children. When parents get a divorce, the trauma subjected to the children is so real you can almost touch it. Children are in different custody. This means that they are separated from each other and worse still they cannot see one of the parent often like they used to. This is a hard blow on the face to them. The parental guidance lacks and manners deteriorate with each passing day. In most families, a father is the disciplinarian while the mother is a mediator. She brings the father and the children to a compromise.

A definition of marriage that ends up in divorce is one that lacks respect, commitment and dedication. Marriage is not endurance but it is not always things are moving swiftly. You should not call for divorce at the smallest suspicion of a cheating partner. This is not news so you should workout a way of dealing with it and eventually find a solution. When you opt for a divorce, the children will be at the receiving end and the victims of circumstances. For instance if the father is gone after divorce, a child might do anything since the disciplinarian is no longer present. If he comes at midnight the mother is so soft to even throw a word. On the other hand the children living with the father might be ruthlessly mistreated in the name of discipline. The mother is not present to advocate for their fair share of disciplining.

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Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Definition Of Marriage Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Definition Of Marriage
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