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How To Keep Wife Satisfied

It's a question that has been asked by men for ages. How can a husband keep his wife content and happy with him for an entire lifetime? I've asked myself this question, too. Too bad there wasn't a formula that we all could apply and magically our wives would be satisfied for the remainder of our relationship, this would make life much easier. So what does it take? A nice dinner, some new clothes, maybe a new ring? These are your conventional solutions that may have worked in the past but judging by today's divorce rates they don't seem to be doing the trick. We've got to find a new answer to the question of how to keep your wife happy.

The answer isn't as difficult or as expensive as it seems to be. What your wife wants more than any material possession is a listening ear and an understanding shoulder to cry on, someone who she has no worry about remaining faithful. She wants to be able to share her innermost feelings without the fear of being put down and she wants you to be able to do the same. What sort of message does it send out if a woman shares her inner thoughts but then her husband refuses to share his? It can easily make someone feel that it's inappropriate to share these sorts of things because it makes you look vulnerable and person will quickly refrain from doing so.

If both of you agree that it's okay to discuss how your feeling then you'll be much more apt to do so. Michael Webb has written a book called 1000 Questions for Couples which covers issues very similar to this and also plenty more. It may be just what you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep wife happy.

About Author
Suzie Pages is the director of popular blog SaveRelationshipNow.Com. She is an expert on relationships and her blog contains stacks of information on things like dealing with relationship issues and much more. Get free tips from her site today!
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