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How to Open the Door to an Amazing Sex Life
It's 10:00pm and you are getting ready for bed with your partner. Your wondering what the night will bring. Will you be lucky or will it be another frustrating experience followed by anger and disappointment. You brace yourself and head over to your partner filled with hope and emerging excitement. She looks at you out of the corner of her eye and says, Oh honey, can we please skip it tonight, I am so tired and I have this lingering headache, maybe we can try tomorrow. If you are tired of having the women in your life give these excuses, I am telling you there is an answer. I am going to give you the secret that many women wish their men knew. If you will use these simple steps in preparing for a night of great and pleasurable sex with no room for excuses, your relationship will never be the same! The first thing we need to understand is how men and women are different. Men can look at the right part of your body, or just think about sex and he can get excited and be ready. Many women are different. They are more like a crock pot that takes time to simmer and warm up and then they are ready for a night of making love. Start from morning, when you wake up, mention to your partner how much you love and appreciate them and how you can't wait until tonight to show her just how much you appreciate her. Call her in the middle of the day and let her know how much she means to you and that you can't imagine life without her. On your way home from work, pick her up some flowers or chocolates and by the evening you wont be able to get her off you because she will want to show her appreciation for you. Another thing that will help you erase the excuses from your sex life is to understand how a woman thinks. From the time she awoke to the time she gets to bed she has been thinking about a million different tasks, subjects, and concerns. If throughout the day she doesn't get closure on her thoughts she brings them to bed. Men can close all thoughts when it is time for sex in an instant and open their mind to sex without much work. Women on the other hand have a much harder time doing that. Their brain is still processing trying to find the answers and solutions to the problems they faced but did not solve that day. If you would just find time to come to her and just let her pour out her heart and just listen to her you would be amazed at the results. You will close her many doors, and open the door to bring you closer together and set up the environment for sex that exceeds all expectations. To close the deal you can quickly awaken her body with an erotic and relaxing massage. You don't have to be a masseuse to deliver pleasurable results. You can go to your nearest book store or to Amazon.com to pick up a copy on how to find the right points on a womens body that will not only relax her but set her body on fire that can only be extinguished by you. These simple steps do require a little work on your part but the results and the satisfaction you will achieve will be more then worth the effort. Your women will be satisfied and in return will love to keep you satisfied. I have talked to many women who are truly disappointed in their sex life and agreed that if men would just take time to meet their needs there would be no limit to the levels of fulfillment they were ready to give to their men. Copyright ? 2007 Natalya Doroshenko of Healthy Male Enhancement. This article may be freely distributed as long as this resource box stays attached.
About Author
Natalya Doroshenko is the CEO and owner of the male enhancement products company that is dedicated to provide consumers with the real truth about an all natural male enhancement product that guarantees results.
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