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Which is more important? Which do you desire more?
Or is it both?
What's holding you back from getting what you want? Are you claiming your too tired to put any effort into getting what you want?
Are you having trouble communicating what you want? Is your partner just plan hopeless? Does he know how to give you what you want?

Do you desire to have him romance you regulary? When is the last time you felt special, needed, wanted and desired by your partner?
It's time to get what you want and how you want it? The best part is you don't even have to ask for it. He will just do it!

Do you remember when he would take you out, bring you flowers, cards, gifts etc! He would open the door, help you with your coat, not burp or fart in front of you! Oh the good ole days! Ladies I can bring those days back. I can get him to do all those things and more and he will love it too.

I can get him to give you the foreplay that you need want and desire. I can get him to surprise, shock and treat you like the goddess that you are!

Out goes your worn out tired old husband/partner, in comes the new and improved most romantic man on the planet! Ha you laugh! No I have proof! It can and will happen, "I've done it to the most unresponsive, laziest couch potato men in the world."

Of course ladies he will need some attention to it's only fair. I believe if the men get what they want and you get what you want it's a WIN-WIN.

Men Want Sex Woman Need Romance.
Let Me Give You The Secret. So You Both Get What You Want!

You need to nurture your relationship on a regular basis. It's essential for the relationship to not only survive but thrive. If you care about your partner and your relationship you must take the necessary actions to make that happen.

Have you ever considered your partner looking elsewhere to get their intimate desires met?

Unfortunetly, many many people do just that. They can't communicate what the NEED and DESIRE from their partner. Do you want to take that chance?

How did that feel when you thought of that?

Could you imagine it?

What would be an easier experience, going through the heartache of that or giving an hour or so per week to fulfilling each others needs? Keep the one you have. It's easier than you think. Also way more fun than you can imagine. Think for a moment can you say your partner is 100% satisified with the love, sex and romance you provide?

Are you?

Please if you know of others that feel like this pass it along. Go to my comment area or blog and rave about it.

Thank you

Gina Grey-Romance Director


About Author
Gina Grey-Romantic director
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