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Love Is Lost When We Stop Listening

Listening is an art form and comments like this are pure and total nonsense for we all have the ability to listen attentively, we just choose not to because it is inconvenient. Everyone is in a relationship of one form or another and we all interact daily with numerous others, however some choose to ignore friendly greetings and walk away as if they never heard anything.

In a loving relationship there is no room for ignorant behaviour of any kind and especially walking away when ones partner is seeking our attention. Because we have created the monster of modern life with all its finery we have no time to develop inter relationship skills and leave this job to therapists where we choose to spend countless buckaroos instead of stopping to listen and give attention where it is being sought.

Wake up world and if ever there was a time for this behaviour to stop it is now and we need to realize that work is a conduit for providing a better way of life not destroying what life we have left. The struggles we see every day because of the rising costs of living are testament to the demands we have placed on nature and Mother Nature is telling us enough and enough already.

What is the point of having all the worldly goods available to us if we have lost one of our God given gifts and that is the gift of relationships where we truly look after each other with all sincerity and without ulterior motives? Enough with the bad language and selfish behaviour and gift giving as a replacement for our time and let us commence on the path we felt in our hearts when we learned to ride a bike, swim, our first date etc, and most importantly when we knew we did the right thing by giving of ourselves.

About Author
Thomas is an entrepreneur / motivational / inspirational seeker for a better way of life for one and all to enjoy. We all have queries to all kinds of topics and my aim in writing is to motivate and inspire and I would appreciate your comments and do let me know if I have delivered on the promise I made in my article title and if you found this article of particular interest. Thank you, have a magical day and week. e-mail @ incaalpacatrail@hotmail.com
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