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Official Dates: Carnival in Rio from 2009 to 2030
One of the all time frequently asked question I get from tourist all over the world is regarding carnival dates in Brazil. Most people don´t know that the carnival dates are variable, and not fixed per every year.

In order to help your planning, we decided to supply you with all of the dates through 2030. We don't want you to miss the best beach vacations of your life, which is Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival is a four day event that changes dates every year. It begins forty days before the Catholic holiday, Lent. The celebrations start Friday, prior to Ash Wednesday up until the following Tuesday. Ash Wednesday is a day used for recovering from the previous sleepless nights. However some cities in Brazil will present Carnival activities until the following weekend.

Below you will find the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Dates from 2009 until 2030:

Rio Carnival Dates For 2009:February 21st through February 24th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2010: February 13th through February 16th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2011: March 5th through March 8th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2012: February 18th through February 21st

Rio Carnival Dates For 2013: February 9th through February 12th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2014: February 3rd through February 6th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2015: February 16th through February 19

Rio Carnival Dates For 2016: February 8th through February 11th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2017: February 27th through March 2nd

Rio Carnival Dates For 2018: February 12th through February 15th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2019: March 4th through March 7th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2020: February 24th through February 27th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2021: February 15th through February 18th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2022: February 28th through March 3rd

Rio Carnival Dates For 2023: February 20th through February 23rd

Rio Carnival Dates For 2024: February 12th through February 15th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2025: March 3rd through March 6th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2026: February 16th through February 19th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2027: February 8th through February 11th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2028: February 28th, 29th, March 1, March 2nd

Rio Carnival Dates For 2029: February 12th through February 15th

Rio Carnival Dates For 2030: 4th March through March 7th

So, remember! Plan ahead your ultimate jade beach vacation in Rio de Janeiro. Preferably, stay in a vacation apartment: Enjoy extra privacy, luxury and comfort.

You will not regret the most exciting beach vacations of your life!

Copyright (c) 2008 Andre Skowronski

About Author
Andre Skowronski is the founder of Belavista-Rio Rentals, an apartment rentals based in Rio de Janeiro. Andre works directly with tourists to find dream apartments in Rio within affordable budgets. Belavista-rio Rentals apartments can be seen at http://www.belavista-rio.com
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