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Save Relationships

No matter how you choose to view your relationship, relationships are priceless because of investments. Investments of God, Time, Intimacy, Bonds, Children, Family ties, and much, much more! When a relationship begins it's nothing more than time, 2 people enjoying each others company exchanging ideas and exploring one anothers minds etc.

After some time has passed some relationships take on a different meaning and starts to redefine what it is between 2 people, More is invested, More personal feelings and thoughts are shared among one another, you start to share deeper religious beliefs and practices and other dislikes and likes start to become known between you and the bond becomes much more critical as more and more disclosures become a part of this union. Trust takes on a new meaning, it's not a just a question any more but more so an expectancy,where you expect the person that you're with to be trustworthy without reservation.

From trust comes a feeling of security. You are so secure that what you have is genuine and unique. Then comes the process of conjugation. Conjugation is one of the most important steps in any relationship for several reasons, reasons that, I'm so so sorry to say that most of us don't even begin to understand. And the consequences thereof, reasons that put into motion something so wonderful but also very binding. We understand relationships on one level when purely it is on a level that most of us don't understand that the yearning truly comes from, an underlying factor that we never even take into consideration from the very beginning, from the very first day of what was to soon be a relationship.

Where, many are asking, is this going? Well I'll tell you. Many will be shocked while others already know. Here it is! At the very moment of conception from conjugating you are entered into a covenant (a solemn promise) that involves a higher power, a spiritual power, our creator, god himself. Before I go on I know that this is a very controversial topic and many, Especially non-believers, and the like will disagree and contrary to their own beliefs they have the right to and they can just turn the page, if you will because no one is forcing them to read this article and I firmly respect their views without prejudice.

As I wrote above A higher power is involved in conjugated unions. You may wonder at this point just what does this have to do with a relationship. Well Have you ever wondered
about the yearning and the terrible emotional pain and the sick feeling that you get when you break up with someone that you have been with for a long time especially when you've had children together or have been sexually active with for a long time.

Relationships are about more than just the union of the flesh. It's about the all important union that most couples don't take into consideration and if they went into relationships with this in mind the impact of conception would take on a whole new meaning. Relationships are worth saving because there is much much more at stake. The investments are huge, there is a spiritual investment that connects all parties including the almighty. So do all that you can to stay together, save relationships at all costs except for abusive Verbally, or physically ones.

I think that getting out of these type of relationships are permissive because had they been brought together with god in mind in the first place, then they would not have turned verbally or physically abusive. There will be still be the pain because there is no denying the conception, which is the bond that we feel strongly and that can be dealt with also.

About Author
Donald Whitehead: Married once-52 years old

All relationships are sacred, Save Your Relationship then find the real meaning of relationships, Go To Church. The family who prays together does stay together. Get communicating and get a new foundation, be happy.
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