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The Love Triangle

Why do some couples possess a raging bon fire of love while some merely have a flickering flame?

This is the question you ask yourself while sitting in an airport engaging in some quality people watching. Couples flood these halls. There are those that scurry by in a hurry. Many are distracted by life's dilemmas. Some are together hand-in-hand, while others barely acknowledge the other. A fire is present in some couples that can't even take their eyes off of each other. This must be puppy love. There is no way a couple could sustain that flame for long-term. Why not? What creates this fire?

Then you think about it from a different angle, everyday thousands of automobiles drive down the highway. Occasionally, you hear a story about one of them starting a fire from a discarded cigarette. The lit cigarette when tossed rolls into just the right location and all conditions are perfect to create a blaze. This one tiny ember can ignite a raging forest fire. There are millions of cigarettes tossed out of windows, why aren't there more fires. The majority of these rarely spark any flames.

Why doesn't every spark ignite a blazing fire? Couples just starting out have this spark. All have the exact same opportunity to flourish, but many dissolve just as quickly as they began. There are even those that have been in a relationship for many years and suddenly notice that something is different. The passion is gone or maybe even the love altogether has vanished.

What makes a fire rage? There are three things that sustain a healthy or happy fire. First there is oxygen. A fire requires oxygen to breathe and grow. Next, a fuel source is needed. Fires in a fireplace rarely grow any larger than the fuel or wood that is supplied. However, the more fuel the brighter and larger the flames. Finally to make a happy fire, a spark is required. This is what begins the process when the other two elements of oxygen and fuel are present. Once the fire begins the sparks grow hotter and eventually turn into coals that become an everlasting spark.

Take away the oxygen by smothering the fire with a blanket and the flames die. Even when the coals are still hot and there is plenty of wood for fuel the fire can't survive. Stop adding logs to the fire and soon the entire source of fuel will become used. The use of a fire extinguisher aimed at the base of the flame would remove the spark of this raging fire and out goes the flames. In fact, if any one of those three elements is removed the fire extinguishes. This is called the fire triangle and all happy fires have these same characteristics.

People act the exact same way as nature, after all we are part of nature. Love has been compared to a raging fire by many experts. If love is, indeed, a raging fire then it is logical that the same rules would apply. This is where the love triangle comes alive. The love triangle works exactly the same way. There are three fundamental characteristics required to sustain a happy and healthy relationship. First and foremost is a mutual belief in God as the creator. Then it is important to continually grow together emotionally. Finally, passion is needed to provide a continual spark.

This book is for you if that flame is flickering and threatening to die. Maybe the flame is still burning bright but not as hot as before. It is important to find which element is fading and then nurture your relationship. Even those that are engulfed in the flames of a wild fire will benefit from reading this because knowledge of the love triangle can keep that fire burning.

Picture an overnight camping trip in the fall. It will get very cold if there is no fire. Once this fire gets going it needs to stay lit. Wood needs to be added every so often to replenish the expended fuel. Your marriage or relationship resembles this fire. You already have the flames started now you need to keep them burning bright. To learn how to do this keep reading to discover how all three elements have a need to be developed.

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About Author
Joe Lawrence is the creator and president of http://www.InspireTomorrow.com He is a true student of life and is a firm believer in the whole person concept. If you spend five minutes on his site you will come out inspired! http://www.inspiretomorrow.com
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