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Why Did My Ex Leave Me?

There are many things that can contribute to the end of a relationship, but there are a few above all others that really cause the most damage. Whether you're trying to prevent the damage from happening or are trying to heal damage that's already happened, it's good to know the main culprits for why most relationships end.

To the Girls:

Men aren't all pigs and idiots...most of us have that side of us in some quantity or another, but there's a lot more to guys than the traditional stereotypes. There are things you can expect of guys and things you can't expect from us. Here's a short list of things to do or not to do when trying to keep a relationship with a guy going strong.

* Do allow him his space. Claustrophobia is a huge factor for many breakups initiated by the guy. Constant attention is forgivable early in the relationship, and of course you shouldn't ignore him further in, but swamping a guy with an overabundance of feelings is just going to make him uncomfortable.

* Don't completely turn off the sex once things have been serious for a while. The "new and shiny" effect may wear off after a while, but a male sex drive is a very powerful force and it's not one we can ignore and remain psychologically healthy. Sure, most of us are decent enough to stay loyal, but we won't be at our happiest. It may not be the end of the relationship, but it'll be a difficult strain on us. It's not necessary to "clown around" every waking hour, but it can't be a rare occurrence.

* Give him credit for having a brain, but don't expect him to be extremely adept at using it. Women have a habit of "testing" their men with poor results because the men never figure out that they were being tested until they're faced with an angry woman. This really isn't fair, playing mind games isn't a guy's strong suit. Don't be too vague with things, be forward with us. It's the best way to resolve whatever issue is troubling you.

To the Guys:

Girls can be kind of difficult to figure out...okay, absolutely impossible to understand at times...but the fact is they're motivated by some fairly simple drives and don't ask a whole lot of us when you look at it from the right perspective. Following is a little list of some good ideas and bad ideas when dealing with your woman.

* You don't have to be Mr. Sunsets and Poetry, but having some sensitivity is nice. We may clown each other and be kind of hard on our buddies, but women just don't operate that way. They run a lot more on their emotions, so you have to be aware and considerate of them. Women need to feel cared about, and that's not exactly asking too much now is it?

* Don't base your willingness to enter into a long-term relationship with a woman on how great the sex is. I know that's a compelling factor, but you have to accept that the sex will not forever be as frequent nor as passionate as it is in the beginning. It can be a good way to feel out how good the two of your physical chemistry is, but never any kind of deciding factor.

* Learn to read minds...or at least pick up on subtle clues. Women aren't always the most straightforward when something is on their minds, and more common than not they expect you to figure it out and fix it. It may not be the kindest responsibility they give you, but don't you want to make your girl happy? Being observant is really all you need, that and a little bit in the way of lateral-thinking skills.

Boys and girls, if you can remember these things, you'll have a fair bit easier time of dealing with your partner. This is by no means all you have to watch out for, however...only a couple of helpful tips. If you'd really like to know the two most powerful and basic reasons that men and women leave their partners, you can find them out by checking out the site I link to below.

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